The EWS has 6 official categories:
Men U21 (1999-2002)
Men Master 40+ (1979+)
Women U21 (1999-2002)
Women Master 35+ (1984+)

EWS Continentals do not necessarily all use these 6 official categories, EWS Continental Series ranking points are assigned as follows. Riders are sorted into one of the above categories based on their year of birth.  Riders with an EWS membership are assigned ranking points for their finish position within that age group.

Riders must be EWS members in order to be eligible to collect EWS ranking points / be added to the EWS Reserved List.  Riders MUST have the membership before the race – points will not be assigned retroactively.

Memberships can be purchased / renewed at : http://portal.enduroworldseries.com/


Top ranked EWS members will be added to the EWS Reserved Entry List (to be published December 2019 after the final Qualifier event) and will be eligible for priority registration for all the 2020 EWS Rounds.

The Reserve Entry List is comprised of:
– Top 300 ranked Men, 75 ranked Women, 100 U21 Men, 20 U21 Women, 75 Master 40+ Men,  and 20 Master 35+ Women riders from the Enduro Global Ranking – consisting of points scored at all EWS, EWS Continental and EWS Qualifier events.
– Top 5 U21 at every EWS event in the previous year
– Top 5 Masters at every EWS event in the previous year
– Top 3 riders of every official EWS category at every EWS Continental event in the previous year
– Winner of each official EWS category in every EWS Qualifier event in the previous year

Additionally, any riders who are signed up for an 2019 EWS100 race can qualify for the EWS start group by collecting sufficient ranking points at any of the 2019 Continental or Qualifier events before the EWS/EWS100 race.

Click here to view the official Enduro World Series rulebook.